Win OLS Credits

If you already have an EVC account, you can access our WinOLS reseller database filled with thousands of projects. Sign up to use this service by creating an account and then updating your WinOLS software. You will now be able to search our database from your WinOLS interface and buy projects on demand. Each project has a price in credits, and you can purchase credits from here.


  • Tuning Files
  • Mappacks
  • Super Mappacks

Step 1 - Create an account

Create an account on this website, and enter your EVC Account Number. You will automatically be registered to our WinOLS reseller database. Once you’ve done that, update your WinOLS software.

Step 2 - Browse our projects

More BHP EVC WinOLS OLSx Reseller NavigationBy clicking the “hat” icon and selecting the More BHP database, you can now browse our WinOLS projects. Each project has a price in credits, and the credits can be purchased from here. The credits are automatically sent to your EVC account. Once you have credits, simply double click to purchase the project.

Step 3 - Purchase Credits