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MHD Custom Tuning Service – BMW S58


Stage *

Stage 1 – stock car (catalyst unchanged)
Stage 2 – upgraded parts (e.g downpipe, FMIC, intake)
Stage 3 – upgraded parts (e.g stage 2 parts + hybrid turbo)
Stage 4 – upgraded parts (.e.g stage 2 parts + big turbo or injectors)


Message to engineer

Upload your “Generated stock backup file” *

Connect MHD to your car, go to the ‘Stock’ tab, and click ‘Generate stock backup file”. (.zip files only)

VIN Correct? *

I confirm that generated stock backup file has the correct VIN number in the name


It is important that the car you’re tuning is in good condition, serviced at the correct intervals and free from DTC’s (Diagnostic Trouble Codes). As a remap technician it is your job to check that the car is suitable for a remap before uploading the original file. Petrol cars should be using 98RON+ fuel. If the car is using a lesser fuel grade, such as 95RON, please specify this in the message box.

Loyalty Points Program

insuranceWe realise that lots of our customers use our services time and time again and as a thank you we have introduced our Loyalty Points Program. Gain loyalty points with each purchase and use them to reduce the price of future tuning files.