March 7, 2016


The File Service is a company based in Crewe, England run by a small group of chip tuning / remapping professionals with one sole aim; to provide the best vehicle tuning software available.

We are able to offer other tuning professionals access to:

  • Tuning file service
  • WinOLS OLSx projects
  • Damos files
  • Function documents

Many tuning companies around the world are currently choosing The File Service for their software. We have already developed 1000’s of tuning files for European cars and can also offer a fully custom file service for our customers.

If you need to ask us a question about our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Research & Development

All of our files are written, developed and dyno tested in-house using original fully licensed software and tools. Our honesty, sound advice and professionalism has led us to become a “one-stop-shop” for chip tuning and ECU remapping files for customers around the world.

We have already made 1000’s of custom stage 1 & stage 2 tuning files at our HQ in Crewe, England with a preference for European marques. Using our BaPro 4R chassis dyno, data logging equipment and extensive software knowledge we are able to create the highest quality tuning files whether you are a retail or trade customer.

What do our tuning files deliver?

More power
More torque
More fuel economy